Ideal for teaching the principles geometric road design.

The easiest civil design software you’ll ever use...or teach.

Unlike many other civil design software options, our products focus on engineering over drafting. This enables educators to easily demonstrate the principles of geometric road design in a software environment.

Within a matter of hours, you can get your classroom up and running.

Students and approved academic institutions may qualify for extremely discounted academic licensing.*

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Design Start to Finish

Allow your students to obtain a global view of corridor design, from survey data entry to output of finished designs.

Focus on Engineering

Our software products are designed with a focus on engineering over drafting. This can help you to illustrate engineering principles without inundating students with complicated drafting software.

Quick Learning Curve

Have your students up and running in a few hours, not years... Over 90% of our users do not require formal training.

Compatible Engineering Tool

Compatible with other engineering programs. Compatible with industry. Equip students with valuable software knowledge that can be applied in a variety of work environments.

Interactive Road Design

Geometric road design in a simple and intuitive user interface. Dynamic update of all windows. Customizable layouts

Earthwork Calculations

Calculate your earthwork quantities. Increase efficiency by tracking and reporting material movement. Graphically analyze material movement and reduce construction costs.

Product Options

Civil Engineering Solutions

Teach engineering concepts for geometric design without being a CAD expert.

Products available: RoadEng Civil Engineer, Softree Optimal

RoadEng Civil Engineer: Geometric road design software. Used by thousands of consultants, counties, companies, universities, and government organizations worldwide. Our clients love the simplicity, ease-of-use, speed and power of RoadEng® Civil Engineer. Stand-alone or compatible with other civil design software, RoadEng® adds speed and power to corridor design projects.

Softree Optimal: Vertical Alignment Optimization. Put your students in touch with cutting-edge technology that minimizes earthwork costs. Demonstrate how manipulating design parameters affect construction cost.

Forest Engineering Solutions

Get your students job-ready. RoadEng® is the industry standard for geometric forestry road design.

Products available: RoadEng Forest Engineer, Softree Optimal

RoadEng Forest Engineer: Easy-to-use and specializing in forestry road design, RoadEng Forest Engineer is fast, easy to learn, and interactive. Design with P-line data, LiDAR, or GPS points. Calculate cable analysis. Create road designs as well as site designs.

Softree Optimal: Vertical Alignment Optimization. Unlock the power of LiDAR data with the ability to quantitatively compare road locations based on cost. Experience forest road planning like never before.

I am an instructor of Civil Engineering Technology at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our goal was to provide students an alternative to other civil engineering softwares, one selected for relative ease of learning and use (intuitive). It is now intended that our students will move forward and use RoadEng in third year (graduation year) to complement their studies in advanced roadway engineering.

I first wish to thank you and Softree for giving RRC the opportunity to incorporate RoadEng 8 into our curriculum. I rate our trial with RoadEng 8 as successful beyond my expectations. What normally takes months to teach / learn using other design software (points, breaklines, surfaces, alignments, profiles, templates, mass haul, etc.) was accomplished in just a few weeks using RoadEng 8. This gave students exactly what Brain and I were looking for – a relatively quick path to understanding concepts and ability to rapidly produce complete CAD road designs."

-- Scott Blonski, Civil Engineering Technology, Red River College, Winnipeg MB, Canada

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